The 4.5 acre estate provides for the development of greenhouse farming practices, diversifying the educational opportunities afforded in scheduled tours.  Historically the property has kept honey bees as well, something I would like to reestablish for environmental and educational value.  Groups and organizations served in this non-profit creation include the following.

  • Local grade, Middle and High Schools
  • Private schools
  • Community organizations such as The Boy and Girl Scouts of America
  • Colleges and Universities
  • Other non-profit organizations

Property uses creating a self sustaining revenue stream include:

  • Private single day functions such as weddings
  • Corporate retreats
  • The sale of produce grown on site
  • Merchandise

Moving forward, there also exists the opportunity for the farm to recycle some of its own dead oyster shell for future restoration efforts, providing clean cultch material for potential wild spatfall collection resulting in oyster reef creation.  Clean oyster shell is highly desirable for this purpose, and is in fact the preferred substrate of eyed larvae for setting (attachment).  These are shared goals of the NRCS, Save the Bay, and The Nature Conservancy.

Lastly, an established non-profit has greater availability of source funding through public and private grant programs

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